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Work Experience

Work experience Tuesday 1st july -Friday 4th july

I’ve really enjoyed my time at the farm, the activity I enjoyed the most was collecting the chicken and duck eggs cleaning them then boxing them up I love the way the chicken peck at your feet when you go into the cage, the thing I didn’t enjoy was when there wasnt anymore jobs to be done so we had nothing to do, over all its been quite busy especially on Wednesday when all the little children came in to see the animals I held the Guinea pigs as they brushed and fed them.
Ayesha Bateman
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Farm Hands 28 June 2014

The new cafe and community building is being built so Charlie pointed out that we needed to move the farm shop. Charlie got to work taking down the shop sign using a claw hammer, putting it back up on the veranda using an electric drill, and designing the new layout of all our produce. Come in, take a look, and buy some of our tasty goods!


Farm Hands, 14 June 2014

We gave straw to the pigs however Rachel accidently let out Jasmine . When we went into the pig’s pen Rachel’s foot started sinking.

Rachel went to Malawi and carried water on her head, so we thought we’d try it when watering the plants.

Work Experience

My name is Marilen.I am from Germany and I am 15 years old. I go in Bristol in a Steiner school for three month.
At the moment my class had work experience and the school decided that I can go to this community farm so I was here for four days and I liked it very much!
I helped with feeding animals,cleaning eggs,offset plants and other things.
I loved the muddy days at the farm. Then work is so funny!
I had four perfect days, thank you!




Yr 10 Work Experience

Written by Westleigh and Charlie Yr 10

“In the past week me and my colleague have done a lot of work in the farm. It has been a very good opportunity to meet new people. We have done a lot of jobs but our faviroute job was when we had to cut down trees in the woodlands. We also escorted the ducklins to a little pen. We also escorted a very very very big pig to the outside pen. all in all it was a very good experiance.”
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