Spring Animal News

Alongside the Muscovies we now have a separate duck pen full of Indian Runner and Khaki Campbell ducks. These playful birds lay a mixture of blue and white eggs. At the beginning of half term we are expecting more as we have an incubator full of the duck eggs.

Our small flock have successfully given birth to four lambs who can be seen with their mothers out in the field. Closer to home we have four orphan lambs that are being bottle fed for another week before they are big enough to survive on solid food alone.  new lambs

Jasmine’s piglets are getting used to walking out in the morning to the outside pen with their mother. At this time of year they can go out every day for fresh air and exercise and of course to lie in the mud.



Our hens are laying well. Fresh farm eggs are always available, along with some fresh veg. and rhubarb from the garden.
Sadly the longest standing Farm Residents – the Pygmy Goats – recently died of old age. We will be having some new goats – at the moment they are still with their mothers, but as soon as they are old enough we will be welcoming them to their new home. This will probably be at the beginning of July.