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30th Birthday Celebrations

Thanks to the hard work of all our many volunteers and staff the farm is looking forward to celebrating its 30th Birthday this year.  Join us on Wednesday 2nd August  12- 4pm for a Free Family Fun afternoon with music, food , nature activities and Bike Swap.

The farm was set up by local people who worked together to create a green space for local children and adults to learn.  Currently we have over  50 volunteers and work experience placements and run education and well being sessions in the woodlands, farm and gardens.

Work will begin soon on demolishing the main farm building, which was destroyed earlier on in the year by arson. We hope our replacement building will be in place by the end of 2017.  Support  after the fire was incredible from the local community in the form of donations from individuals, schools and clubs, offers of help and moral support for staff and volunteers. Thank you to everybody who took the time to support their community farm. 

We will be celebrating our birthday and new building by asking for ideas from our volunteers and visitors for what to include in a Time Capsule! It will be buried underneath the new building and opened in 2050.

Please see for full details of our free summer activities.

A note from one of our Farm Hands

Hi my name is Courtney and I’m a Farm Hand at the local community farm in Lawrence Weston. I’ve been a Farm Hand for about three  months now and I love everything about it already.  We do loads of fun things such as:

  • Hold chickens.
  • Collect the yummy chicken and duck eggs.
  • Bake banana bread.
  • Go on scavenger hunts
  • Mucking out
  • Pick fresh rhubarb from the garden and baked a rhubarb crumble with it.
  • Go in all of the pens.
  • Make awesome dens
  • Outdoor art with different berries and leaves

We have done lots more things too but it would take up the whole page to write them all.

Everyone and anyone is allowed to be a farm hand as long as they are 8-11 years old no matter what shapes or sizes they are, as long as they come from the local area. Being a farm hand is the best thing that ever happened to me and I wouldn’t change a thing for the life of me. We learn new things every session and have the best time ever.

 I love being a farm hand!


Courtney (aged 10)


Volunteer Stories

Amy has been volunteering at the farm for a year now.  She came here to do her  work experience with us as she is studying Animal Care at SGS Filton College. She is now doing a Level II Diploma in Animal Care.

Amy chose the farm as she thought it looked good, and was local to her.  She loves coming to the farm every week and being with the goats and the piglets.  She had never worked with animals before, so she has learnt everything from scratch.  However, she can now do the whole morning and afternoon routine on her own!

Amy feels that volunteering at the farm has really increased her self confidence and self esteem.  This has been due to the friendly nature of the farm and everyone who works here, and also being supported while taking on responsibilities.

Amy loves the guinea pigs, and has taken a great photo of them.



Farm Hands 28 June 2014

The new cafe and community building is being built so Charlie pointed out that we needed to move the farm shop. Charlie got to work taking down the shop sign using a claw hammer, putting it back up on the veranda using an electric drill, and designing the new layout of all our produce. Come in, take a look, and buy some of our tasty goods!


Elderflower Cordial

The Elder tree is in now bloom, with beautiful, fragrant flowers. The Elder has been used as a source of food, medicine and wood since at least the time of Ancient Greece, right through to the present day, as every part is useful in some way.  Not surprisingly, it is also steeped in folklore and magical associations. For example, it was said that it could ward off evil and lightening, but it was also associated with the land of Faerie. Apparently, if you sleep under an Elder at midsummer, you would be able to see Faeries, or even be transported to their lands!

However, here at the farm we have stuck with making a delicious, refreshing cordial with the flowers.  Firstly we gathered some flower heads, and left the overnight in a strong sugar syrup, to which we’d added some citric acid and lemons. The next day we simply strained it off and ta da! A wonderful, thirst quenching cordial, packed full of Elder goodness.


Here is the recipe if you would like to make your own.

20 large flower heads

1 litre water

1.8kg sugar

85g citric acid

2 lemons zested and sliced

Warm the water with the sugar added until it is all dissolved, and leave to cool. Add the critic acid and pour over flowers and lemons and their zest in a bowl. Cover with clean tea towel over night.

Strain off through a clean cloth (a tea towel or pillowcase is fine), into clean, *sterilised* bottles. You can freeze any bottles you are not going to use straight away.

It is always very important to sterilise bottles and jars before you use them for home preserves – you can do this by running them through a dishwasher or by putting them in the oven at gas mark 3 for 10 minutes.